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A Must Read

The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity by Jeffrey Sachs

(ISBN: 978-1-4000-6841-8) is a book by economist Jeffrey Sachs. It was published by Random House on October 4, 2011 in the US and by Bodley Head (UK 6 Oct 2011). The book is 336 pages. As described by Random House: the book is “incisive diagnosis of our country’s economic ills but also an urgent call for Americans to restore the virtues of fairness, honesty, and foresight as the foundations of national prosperity.”[1] The title comes from the quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr – “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” In the review in the Wall Street Journal they state: “Yet at its core “The Price of Civilization” is not about taxes or economics. It is about the “pursuit of happiness” as one academic understands it.” [2]

The book focuses on the changes going on in the world, the effects of these changes on the economic conditions and the necessary actions that will be required to deal with these changes in this new world if America is going to succeed.

YouTube video on the book:

Wiki biography on Jeffry Sachs:


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Rick Perry Is Right

Children of illegal immigrants should be educated and become productive, tax paying members of America.

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It never surprises me where hate comes from. Liberal, conservative, no matter, they both hate and write their hate clearly.

On her blog (Leslie Parsely) calls Republicans Nazis and her buddy Sue (Hello Mr. President) agrees.

I’ve been getting hate mail from Sue for weeks now, and just got another today. She uses anonymous names like “from one of the nice people” and goes on with her dirty word attack on me.

It all reminds me of years ago (on one of my past blogs) when I was called a traitor for being against the invasion of Iraq.

More equal to the group liberal blog (The Peace Train) which I helped start. One of the authors wrote a three page (detailed) article on how Bush (Cheney and his other administrators) was/were Nazis, and of course Bush was Hitler. I wrote a comment on how stupid it was to compare Bush to Hitler, or his administers to Nazis. I was summarily banned from that blog. I didn’t fall in line with the hate message.

As I have been banned from Leslie’s blog and Sue’s blog, for writing on my blog, that Obama should get off his fat ass. That banning was followed by numerous hate mail, which I still get today. Sue wrote most of the hate mail, but Leslie and Sue’s minions have sent many letters of hate. That mail is full of the most vulgar language, and all came anonymous (cowards). I replied (with my ID) in kind.

This is not political disagreement. This is hate, just as it was hate calling Bush Hitler.

If you have read Sue’s blog you know she is a fouled mouth Obamamaniac. She calls Republicans and Democrats who disagree with her and the President – morons, stupid, Nazis, and every other name in the book.

Seems the Nazi like behavior, is those who attack with hate, anyone’s opinion, that does not agree with them.

I don’t think I should be attacked for saying the President should get off his fat ass and do something, especially if I write that on my blog, not theirs.

So here we go again, with the hate. The Nazi comparisons. The hate mail. The idiotic strategy, that hate will sway anyone, or is an acceptable means of communicating with each other, or a way to get people to vote for your God (Obama) candidate.

According to Sue and Leslie, I am the idiot. I must express hate for Republicans, or I’m to be attacked and banned. Reminds me of that Bush saying, “your either with us, or against us.”

Of course, if I’m not with their hate, then I will be a target of their hate.

Follow their hate if you want. I won’t. I won’t be intimidated. I don’t care if I’m banned from a blog. I certainly won’t agree that hate is the way to go. I feel sorry for Sue and others that wake up everyday and think about the nastiest thing they can say about a Republican, then think of the nastiest thing they can send to my blog and email.

These are people with sad lives, and hurting the dialogue that should be going on between those who disagree politically.

I don’t see, or hear this kind of hate coming out of the President, so Leslie and Sue follow their own hate filled hearts, not Obama’s strategy for the election.

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Republican Rule

Obama wimps out again.

I’ll be watching the Packers.

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Republicans seem to think that if we cut spending that will make the government more efficient. Wrong!

It will make us choose priorities, and there in, lies the debate.

Republicans think government should only produce a military. Wrong!

Republicans think our government (for the people and by the people) has no responsibility to help “the people”. Wrong!

Republicans think we will do fine without raising the debt ceiling. Wrong!

Republicans think giving tax cuts to corporations will produce jobs. Wrong!

There is a long tradition of a progressive tax system in this country (the more you make, the more you pay, and the rich have always paid a higher rate than the less rich)  Republicans want to eliminate that tradition.

Republicans think we are a Christian nation. I don’t know the percentages, but I suppose a majority of Americans are, but the point is they are going against the first amendment.

Continue the list later.

What is the proper role of government?

To improve the lives of citizens?

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