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Liberal Haters


Today I was told by Tom Cat that if I used the word “Obamamanic” again on his blog I would be banned from his blog. He does not need to ban me I won’t return.  He claimed he warned me before of using this word-that’s a lie. It’s a waste of time to talk with such intolerant tiny minds. I mean this idiot writes a supposed liberal political blog, but bans people for using Obamamaniac? Wow! I should not be surprised. This is the same idiot who when I described being attacked by Obamamaniacs (the same mentioned in this post below) accused me of attacking him. (?)  He claimed I was the only liberal in the country being attacked by other liberals. Really? That makes sense to him I guess, he only reads Obamamaniacs for his facts. What a fool. He said I was wrong when describing LBJ as an arm twisting President. He said LBJ never pressured Senators to vote his way on a bill. Really? This is the kind of uneducated moron that people get information from? He supports the kind of hate attacks I’ve been getting. No surprise since Leslie is his buddy. This egomaniac has to update his readers about his daily bad health, to solicit stroking good words from his readers. Sad. His blog, like Sue’s, is nothing but hate filled writings about Republicans.He and Leslie write about how current Republicans are just like the pre WW II Nazis. Really? Open a History book moron! Ron Paul in not Gerbles. Romney is not the butcher of Auschwitz.  The rest of the Republicans are not brown shirts. or Hitler like politicians. This is driven by fear folks. It’s silly Jr. High clique crap. It’s easy to laugh at these bigots, but they take themselves seriously and try to (succeed)  form lies to become truth. Their delusional truth. They see Obama as some kind of political messiah. They fear truth and openness. As his final act TC censored me and then blocked me from his blog. Afraid I guess that my words might make him look like more of an ass than he is. Not possible. He prays to an Orb. Should have guessed. These lefty nut jobs are nuttier than righty nut jobs by far, and filled with much more hate.

Original Post:

Funny, they attack my blog with hate, but claim I’m the hater. They call me bitter, but they are the ones who constantly write only negative about Republicans and anyone who disagrees with Obama’s decisions.

They can’t see through their cloud of hate. It is hate and bitterness to write everyday about how Republicans are liars, fuckers, Nazis, and worse. I wonder how they can be so negative everyday?

Try writing about how Obama could be better instead of writing hate everyday. Try writing about how good Obama is instead of writing hate and negativity about Republicans everyday. Try seeing the positive instead of the negative. Try writing about how much better we could be instead of writing liar everyday.

Read Sue’s blog. It is nothing but hate, hate, hate everyday, every post. She sends the hate mail I’ve been getting for months, yet I’m the hater she claims.

It’s clear to see who the hate filled, bitter people are. They write nothing but hate, negativity, swear words, and their own lies everyday.

They have nothing to say about the positive side of things, only negativity about anything everyday.

I have posted many times about their attacks on me, and have posted their hate mail.  They are having to much fun with their negativity and hate. They have kept their attacks on me going for months. They love their hate. They revel in their hate. You can only belong to their cliche if you hate the same way they hate. They write their hate on my Astronomy posts, not my political posts. That’s hate. That’s going out of their way to hate.

Bitterness belongs to those who write negativity and hate everyday. Being close minded is the trait of those who can find no fault in the person, or thing they support. Humans are not perfect, but they write their leader (Obama) can do no wrong. They believe that one person is a political messiah. They are bitter, hate filled, and wrong. Wrong about their leader. Wrong about their behavior to protect their leader. Truly, politically immature and personally immature.

It seems the followers of “hope and change” have no hope and expect no change. Of course not, they are to wrapped up in their hate.

Check out my “Top Posts” on my side bar. None are about politics, or negativity.


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The Hate Gets Worse

I’m still getting hate mail from my so called fellow liberals.

Those of you who read the last post on the hate tactics being used against me saw the threat I received from Beach Bum (Sue’s buddy) and the other comments from those who are getting the same treatment from Sue and her minions.

Now Sue is making fun of my serious illness on her blog.

She wishes me death, nice.

Shows what a real despicable, hate filled person she is.

And those like John M. , Beach Bum and the rest of her minions obviously agree with that kind of hate filled behavior.

I love the MADE UP comments she posted that I supposedly wrote.

A very hate filled sick mind.

And those who approve of her tactics, are no better.

All because I told Obama to get off his fat ass.

She is worse than any Republican.

I guess people enjoy her swear word, name calling comments she leaves at any blog she visits. That’s her hate filled style.

And these open minded(?) liberals defend her words and actions.

If you can’t see the wrong in her behavior you should talk to your mother’s about it, because you need direction on what’s right and wrong.

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It never surprises me where hate comes from. Liberal, conservative, no matter, they both hate and write their hate clearly.

On her blog (Leslie Parsely) calls Republicans Nazis and her buddy Sue (Hello Mr. President) agrees.

I’ve been getting hate mail from Sue for weeks now, and just got another today. She uses anonymous names like “from one of the nice people” and goes on with her dirty word attack on me.

It all reminds me of years ago (on one of my past blogs) when I was called a traitor for being against the invasion of Iraq.

More equal to the group liberal blog (The Peace Train) which I helped start. One of the authors wrote a three page (detailed) article on how Bush (Cheney and his other administrators) was/were Nazis, and of course Bush was Hitler. I wrote a comment on how stupid it was to compare Bush to Hitler, or his administers to Nazis. I was summarily banned from that blog. I didn’t fall in line with the hate message.

As I have been banned from Leslie’s blog and Sue’s blog, for writing on my blog, that Obama should get off his fat ass. That banning was followed by numerous hate mail, which I still get today. Sue wrote most of the hate mail, but Leslie and Sue’s minions have sent many letters of hate. That mail is full of the most vulgar language, and all came anonymous (cowards). I replied (with my ID) in kind.

This is not political disagreement. This is hate, just as it was hate calling Bush Hitler.

If you have read Sue’s blog you know she is a fouled mouth Obamamaniac. She calls Republicans and Democrats who disagree with her and the President – morons, stupid, Nazis, and every other name in the book.

Seems the Nazi like behavior, is those who attack with hate, anyone’s opinion, that does not agree with them.

I don’t think I should be attacked for saying the President should get off his fat ass and do something, especially if I write that on my blog, not theirs.

So here we go again, with the hate. The Nazi comparisons. The hate mail. The idiotic strategy, that hate will sway anyone, or is an acceptable means of communicating with each other, or a way to get people to vote for your God (Obama) candidate.

According to Sue and Leslie, I am the idiot. I must express hate for Republicans, or I’m to be attacked and banned. Reminds me of that Bush saying, “your either with us, or against us.”

Of course, if I’m not with their hate, then I will be a target of their hate.

Follow their hate if you want. I won’t. I won’t be intimidated. I don’t care if I’m banned from a blog. I certainly won’t agree that hate is the way to go. I feel sorry for Sue and others that wake up everyday and think about the nastiest thing they can say about a Republican, then think of the nastiest thing they can send to my blog and email.

These are people with sad lives, and hurting the dialogue that should be going on between those who disagree politically.

I don’t see, or hear this kind of hate coming out of the President, so Leslie and Sue follow their own hate filled hearts, not Obama’s strategy for the election.

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Political Machine ?

Obama is on his bus tour.

Good to see his idea to connect with Americans, is no better an idea than the biggest idiot (Palin) in the field.

Many on the left have been waiting for Obama to talk about and put forth legislation to improve the lot (job bills, etc) of unemployed, starving Americans.

Obama is making the news headlines since his bus tour started, mostly about his programs to help Americans. These will be released in September. Job bills, tax cuts, and who knows what’s in his program.

What a cynical politician he is.

The left has been begging him since before his election; What are you ideas, policies, and plans to get America going again. His party members have been screaming for a jobs bill. Where is it?

Now “at the start of the election” he is out telling us exactly what we want to hear. Why not years ago when his party was talking about FDR type work programs? Why not at the start of his administration, when he had majority?

It would have been easier then, than now with Republican majority. The best he can do now, is force the Republicans to vote against such a bill and hope the American people blame Republicans. But Republicans will just say we cannot afford that kind of program without raising taxes. And as the American people have done for a long time now, they will go along with the Republican’s “no new tax” thinking. So nothing gets done.

Obama takes these safe positions on traditional Democratic policies. He’s willing to talk about 4 trillion in spending cuts, knowing that will go nowhere, a straw man. He’s willing to talk job bill now, when he knows it won’t pass.

When has Obama ever challenged the Congress? Where is the traditional fight with a Congress of opposition.? History shows that Presidents whose party did not have Congressional majority, did not just lay down, or appease their opposition. Hit the floors of Congress and fight for your policies and principles, that’s traditional. I’m tired of excuses that say Obama can’t get anything done because of asshole Republicans.

It’s almost 3 years now, and his administration is looking like the Carter administration. No change, no control, not even a decent attempt at moving Congressional politics.

Now we will hear the Obama oratory. The promises, the common sense, the ideas; just as in 2007 and 2008. It will all sound so familiar, and it will be, because of course, it’s campaign/election time. Everything Obama has done (or not done) was calculated for best chances to win reelection.

The Obamamaniacs will be out in force (already are) defending everything he does and has done, including renewing the Bush tax cuts. And using their dirty tricks to divide and discipline those outside the Presidential echo chamber.

There is no fight in this dog (Obama) nor is there any fight in the Democrats. Where is the Democratic challenger to Obama. Where will the debate inside the Democratic party have its voice? I guess they are taking a book from the Republicans: goose-step, in line attitudes only, no difference of opinion, and certainly not voiced publicly. Bernie Sanders should run for President, just to provide the platform for the debate.

Political machines used to get things done, even though they were corrupt. According to Obamamaniacs, Obama is so clean, that we should trade that for any real action, and be happy it’s not President Bachmann were dealing with. What a choice for the leader of the free World, an idiot, or the do nothing President.

Tell the people what they want to hear, it’s election time!

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Just as right-wing nut jobs blame the bad economy on Obama, so the left-wing nut jobs claim what happened in Wisconsin the other night, is a victory. Both positions are delusions of falsehood.

So let me get this straight: The Republicans win majority in the State Congress (WI) a Republican wins the Governorship (WI) that governor’s union busting bill becomes law (backed by judicial review and decision) the people get their recall election and Democrats only win two of the six seats up for recall; and this is what nut job lefties call a win?

Their lack of political judgment, is laughable. These are the idiots I warned of during the Presidential  election. Those (Obamamaniacs) who genuflect to some messiah like idol, who is the answer to all our problems. It’s the idiotic behavior, like some Randian cultist, that proves these people are political rookies.

But their loony- toon behavior (lefty bloggers) doesn’t stop there. After my last post; I had my comments deleted from Leslie Parsley’s blog, then she deleted my blog from her blog list. The censorship makes sure that no one knows what I said (no insults, or vulgarity) which was a logical, truthful explanation on the mistakes the President has made in dealing with the Republicans.

Now, with only three people (thank you) who read this blog; I get my mail box full of hate mail from liberals. I wonder how so many liberals got directed to send me hate mail, when so few read my blog? It shows the liberal nut jobs are just as sick as the conservative nut jobs. Just like right-wing nut job bloggers did to me: first censorship, then attack my blog, then irrational hate. The same tactics used against me by the cultist RN and his delusional hate filled minions.

Sorry bitch, the terrorist like tactics and attacks on my blog won’t stop me from writing my true opinions. And I’m not alone on my criticisms of the President. I know for sure, those kind of tactics are hate filled and wrong. So if you want me to agree with you, then you will need common sense when discussing the Presidents political strategy, not some MOONIE like total acceptance of his proven failures.

So onto the debate over the Presidents budget, and just like the President emboldened the  Republicans when he caved on the Bush tax cuts, so he has emboldened Republicans again with his cave on the debt ceiling agreement.

The panel charged to decide what will be cut has Sen. Kyle as Republicans top man. Do you know Kyle? Do you think fairness will be his guide?

Last night at the Republican debate, every single candidate declared they would not accept any tax increases at all, period. With a 14 trillion-dollar debt, that is an insane position. Just as insane as these loony-toon lefties proclaiming Obama to be the smartest political strategist alive, as Democrats are losing their political battles not only in Washington DC, but all over the country.

When Ron Paul wins the “sanest” of the bunch competition (he won last nights debate-if there was a winner) the Republican party and the country, are in deep do-do. I voted for Ron Paul for President in the 1980’s against Ronald Reagan. It was clear Reagan’s economic policies would bankrupt America, and History has proven that correct.

Thanks Leslie (and other left-wing nut job hate filled bloggers) for proving yourself to be the same kind of jack ass as the cultist RN and other haters who practice anti-American censorship and hate. Thanks for showing us what you really are, attackers of free speech.

It’s hard when your God (Obama) falls from that pedestal you put him up on, but it was your immature mistake, to put him there in the first place.

Now, on with your hate. Give it to me ass holes!

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Why not?

I wasn’t looking for a George Bush clone when I voted for Obama. I was never a Obamamanic. I don’t want Bush lite for my President. I won’t bow to the President, just because he’s a Democrat. Simply being a Democrat doesn’t mean a thing, if he’s going to follow Republican failed policies.

I wanted single payer, which he was for at the start of his campaign, because it is the best way to insure all Americans.  I don’t need, or want a Democratic President to extend the Bush tax cuts which have been increasing the debt for ten years now.

We need a Democratic President to lead and define Democratic principles and policies. We need a leader who will lead the people to support the programs that have stabilized this country, so business could grow and make obscene amounts of money.We need a President to be honest with Americans about our finances. What we have is a President who is just kicking the can down the road, not leading.

We are lowering our standards to meet the rest of the World, not leading new standards to enhance ourselves and the rest of the World.

Republicans have killed capitalism. Money is not supposed to just sit around. It is to be used to boost innovation,  employment, consumerism, and the economy. Not only are companies sitting on their money; but supply and demand principles are not working. We are not paying the demand price of oil, or most other products. Prices are set to ensure a profit, even at these low consumer buying times.

Where is the economic activity the Republicans promised with their tax cut policies? We need an infusion of employment and cash into the economy. If corporations won’t do it, then government has to, or we will be in this economic disaster for decades.

An old capitalist saying: You have to spend money to make money.

Money is the grease that keeps a capitalist engine going. Dry up the money and of course capitalism slows down. Put five million people to work on government payroll, that will infuse the economy with cash, buying, and optimism.

This defeatist attitude by the Republicans is turning what should have been a short economic downturn into a generational economic disaster.

No more money. Don’t invest in America. Don’t help Americans who are broke, starving, and unemployed.

Hey Mr. President, get off your fat ass and do something besides agreeing with Historically failed Republican policies! There are proven ways to jump-start an economy; and it’s also proven that the Republican tax cut strategy, is not one of those ways. If you jump-start this economy you won’t have to worry about some conservative, or independent votes to get you reelected, you will win in a landslide.

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Compromise ?

All this foolishness does nothing to help the problems of America, its people, or its government. A forced compromise, that is no compromise. It promotes the Republican philosophy of cut taxes, a proven failure.

A simple raising of the debt ceiling would have been fine, thank you very much. Now we have set a new precedent. Every time the debt ceiling needs to be raised, the forced compromise, is the new standard for the act that has, until now, been simple.

And what compromise? The Republicans got what they wanted (spending cuts) the left got nothing except a certain fight and possible government shut down over the upcoming budget debate.

Please explain to me how any of this political gamesmanship helps our financial problems at all.

There are serious reforms and cuts that have to happen, and this crap does not help, in fact it hurts the serious business of making our government more efficient, cost effective, and responsive to the people.

The Republicans are not interested in that, they want to kill off the government and the services government provides for our people. They are one step closer with this “compromise” that our Democratic President led and will sign.

If they are not there to help solve our problems, then I’m not interested in who wins election.  They will only continue to stir the pot and divide Americans, not better America.

Obama is a most typical, but good politician. He cares about reelection, that’s all.

So spin it all you want folks, but show me what good this has done for America, or Americans.

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